Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Baby Girl Names

Here are a few names we are looking at.
Halee Marie Haws
Kate McKay Haws
Lily Marie Haws
Lola Marie Haws
Piper Marie Haws
Jaycee Marie Haws
Miley Kay Haws
Madelyn Kaylee Haws
Natalia Marie Haws
Mia Geraldine Haws
Idabel Lee Haws
Jorga Kay Haws

Let us know what you think.


Barnes Blog said...

Jorga Kay...me likey!

Nash said...

WHat! what are jorga and idabelle? Sounds like someone speaking with a lisp? Georgia and Isabelle!
Here are just some to throw in to the mix.
Laila (like the eric clapton song)
Jane/Jayne (jane marie haws)simple but cute.
Miranda Haws
I'll send an email as soon as i find my book.

5littlenordstroms said...

Hey I like a lot of these. Kate,Jorga, Mia, are my faves but what every happened to Devyn for a girl name

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