Saturday, July 7, 2007

First meeting with Tyler and her Family

Devin received a phone call from Tyler the birth mom on June 19th. She was excited to meet us. She was very adamant about talking with a family that someone is familiar with. Lucky for us we have a wonderful family that looks out for us all the time. Tyler heard about us through her cousin's husband Ben a co-worker and friend of my sister Tami. She wanted to meet with us right a way. So we said we could be there that weekend. Tyler lives close by so we were able to travel and meet with her. Tyler brought her two little boys, Andrew the youngest and Anthony the oldest and her husband Andy. They are a neat family. We met at the Park and talked for about 2 hours. We even had lunch and got to know Tyler's family. She was very kind to let us in her life in this kind of situation. She even gave us a copy of the ultra sound. She told us she was having a girl and will be due the 18th of Sept. that is so close.

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