Wednesday, January 16, 2013


12 weeks

16 weeks

 20 weeks

23 weeks

28 Weeks

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This is how we told the kids we were having a baby.

So guess what!

Yes it is finally true we are pregnant.  It was a hug surprise to us.  We have been contemplating adoption for a few years and when we were just about to put our payment down to finalize our paperwork we found out we were pregnant and due in May.  A very special month for me.  It was my mom's birthday and passing day and Mother's day.  Which was a dreadful time for me before kids.  

This was the first test.
This was to make sure I wasn't imagining it.

And this was the realization that my father in heaven hadn't forgotten about me.  I am truly blessed to be able to have this experience.  I know he has great plans for us this next year. It has taken us 12 years to get pregnant.  He does answer our prayers.  Kids are so excited and ask every day when this baby is coming. 

Can't believe how long it has been.

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted on my blog.  So much has happened.  And I have neglected my blog.  I hope I can do this in a few posts.

Well to begin at year 2012.  Devin changed jobs in March.  He had worked really hard on school getting his classes done ever since he was laid off twice at the Paper mill in 2009 and 2010.  He finally was offered a position at APS Cholla Plant in March.  He was just thrilled to finally be where he wanted to be.  He loves his job and is so eager to pass off all the training so he can get his final position as Assistant Operator.  Again, he loves his job.  He is working with good people and can carpool with lots of local employees.  I think he plans on being here for a very long time.  He is very focused on his job, family and health this new year 2013.

For myself,  in 2012.  I quit my job at Lawyer's Title in February   It was a very personal decision to make.  I have worked a very long time and letting go that part of my life was very hard and sometimes I miss it.  But nothing beats being a mom full time.  I love taking kids to dance class and pre-school.  I am still teaching Dance Part time so Kassie has free lessons.  This is my way of contributing to our budget.  I love teaching dance to all ages.  They are so sweet and eager to learn.  I am loving being home with our beautiful and wonderful two children.  They are the light of my life and can't wait to see what come next in our lives.

Kassie turned 5 in September.  She didn't have a party this year but she was so excited to be 5.  She has been checking her teeth every day to see if they are loose.  She loves to dance, sing, and act.  She enjoys being the big sister to Hunter.  Kassie loves school and is learning to read in pre-school.  She is learning to write her name and other words.

Hunter is still 4 but won't be long in the new year before he turn 5.  He loves pre-school as well.  He is such a great artist and loves to draw.  He is very energetic and loves to turn our hair gray.   He is my challenging child that loves to please and displease all in one sentence.  We love him cause he keeps me on my toes and I learn everyday.

We also have a new addition to our family.  Her name is Pepper.  She is a Shih-Tzu and we love her as well. Kids love to play with her all the time.  She loves to chase the kids around the house and bite at their ankles. But at times she won't take a lot.  So she has retaliated a few.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Surprise at our house.

No we are not pregnant........

Paige and Mackenzie showed up at my back door and surprised me.  They came back with Grandpa and Grandma Shirley and Uncle Bill.
I felt so special.  It reminds me something we would do to my mom.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Adoption Time

The time is now.  After long talks with the hubby and lots of convincing.  We are here and ready to begin the adoption process once again.  I can't tell you how scared it has been for me.  See I would be happy with our little family but I just feel that if I didn't try for a third I would regret it.  And once my husband gave the O.K.  I felt such peace.  I know we can do this again.  I love babies and I love my two 4 year olds.  They are the best and they are so excited to have a brother or sister.  So here we go with the roller coaster of finding that right birth mother to help us with our adoption journey.  I have sent my paperwork in to LDS Family Services in Snowflake.  Now we are working on finger prints, physicals for all of us and Referrals have been sent.  Stay tuned for more progress.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Good Friends saying goodbye

This weekend Devin and I attended a really good funeral. It was for our neighbor and friend Roger Willis. He really was a good person. Two out of 6 of his girls are really good friends of mine. And I think of them as my own sisters even. Heather and I just became close and I love her dearly. Tami and I have been neighbors for 7 years now. Roger was the sweetest man ever. He loved to tell stories about his heritage. He loved to tell his handcart stories. He was very good with his hand and made many handcarts, frames and trinkets. He also was a great poem writer. I want to let him know how much he was loved.

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