Friday, January 11, 2008

Update on Hunter Haws

Yes we have named our little boy that is coming soon. Devin and I had this name picked out in the first year we were married. Well we went to the first appoint last Friday and met the BM for the first time. She was a really nice woman. She had her little boy Ray with her and he was a hand full. She warned us that Hunter could be the same. She introduced us to the doctor as mommy and daddy to this baby. We were just ecstatic. Our next appointment will be next Friday. She will be getting checked for dilation and see where she is at that point. We couldn't be happier and pleased that our little family is almost here.


Nash said...

I like it!!! Yeah on the full night's sleep.

Amber said...

hey thanks for the comment. I will tell Ben you said hi. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of Hunter. Is it okay if I add you as a friend?

stacy said...

hey jill, we are just a few miles away from tami. she is actually in my friends ward. i just found that out yesterday. i'm so excited for you to get a baby boy, that is so exciting. two babies so close together, now that is going to be entertainment. what a blessing.

isn't your dad in show low? i have an aunt there. hope all is well.

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