Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Having great ward Sisters

I love getting together with ward sisters. They bring such great friendship. We have been getting together Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to get some exercise. We are calling it the Mommy and Me gentle exercise class. We are just stretching and Conditioning our bodies. Even though my body never went through the tragedy that most moms have to go through during birthing. But my body has taken a toll just not due to pregnancy but due to stress. We have had Kassie for 4 months now and she is just growing up like a weed and with another baby coming I know I need to get my strength and energy up. So I would like to think that doing these exercises will help me in the long run. Plus I get to converse with my ward sisters. Did I mention they are just great.


5littlenordstroms said...

Its always great to workout with friends. It makes it easier and more fun. Just a quick little blurp of honesty. I think you better stop refering to your babies' birth moms and BM. It sounds like you are talking about Kassie's diapers or something.Ha Ha.

Nash said...

That's great Jill. I will bet that you are going to need that extra energy with another one coming. Kids love getting out so they too will benefit. Keep up the good work.

stacy said...

i was totally thinking the same thing beth. every time i would read BM i would totally crack up.

and just so you know, wheather you give birth to them or not your body get thrashed just because as moms we tend to totally neglect ourselves, body included.

i love my ward sisters too! i think we are just a lucky group of women to know that no matter where we end up in life we will always find friends through the church. yeah for us! :)

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