Monday, April 23, 2012

Adoption Time

The time is now.  After long talks with the hubby and lots of convincing.  We are here and ready to begin the adoption process once again.  I can't tell you how scared it has been for me.  See I would be happy with our little family but I just feel that if I didn't try for a third I would regret it.  And once my husband gave the O.K.  I felt such peace.  I know we can do this again.  I love babies and I love my two 4 year olds.  They are the best and they are so excited to have a brother or sister.  So here we go with the roller coaster of finding that right birth mother to help us with our adoption journey.  I have sent my paperwork in to LDS Family Services in Snowflake.  Now we are working on finger prints, physicals for all of us and Referrals have been sent.  Stay tuned for more progress.

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