Monday, November 24, 2008


Hi everyone,

Thankgiving is coming up and we have decided to go to Mesa to be with my sisters and dad and his new sqeeze. She sounds nice. Just wanted to give everyone an update on us. We have been working alot. I work for an realtor as an assistant and she is really good to me. And I also teach dance in the afternoon's. And that is coming to an end soon. We will have our recital in a few weeks. Then I will have to see if I am going to do it again next term. And I have been cleaning homes on the side as well.

Devin did get a job for like 3 days but that didn't pan out. But we are getting closer to the todem pole. He is now #1 for the mill call back list. Plus the rumor is that the mill had a meeting about hiring back 4 more people. So we are just waiting paitiently for that call. We appreciate everyone's prayers and help in the last couple of months. We really know who our family and true friends are.

Kassie is talking. She is now saying by, peese and ma. She is tryng to talk more and more. She is just a fun loving little girl that loves to scream at the worst times. 18 months can't come sooner. Nursrey baby! Ahh, can't wait.

Hunter is crawling like crazy but he is getting more grumpy though. I think it is cause he is getting his teeth in soon. He is now nine months old and cute as ever. His favorite thing is to crawl up to us and bang his head on our legs. This is his way a saying pick me up now.


Jamie said...

The video of Hubter is too cute! Your kiddos are getting so big.

Ashley said...

That would be amazing if he could get his job back.

Three Guys and a Gal said...

That video had me laughing. I loved the updates on the kids too. I wish we lived closer I need to pinch there little cheeks!! We have been praying hard for you guys!! I know its going to work out!! love you! said...

Loved the video. They're so sweet when they're sleeping (and occasionally when they're awake as well. :)

Sorry to hear that the hubby's been out of work. I guess I haven't been reading your blog long enough to know that. I remember years ago when Matt was out of work; we were picking up all sorts of odd jobs (I was babysitting, he was delivering papers, he was selling door-to-door pest control...all sorts of stuff) to try and get by. Those were some tough times but I look back and can see how much we grew from those experiences in life. It certainly makes me appreciate what I have now so much more. Good luck! :)

Moore Fun said...

Thanks for the update your kids are too cute. Will you be down for Christmas as well? We would love to see you and the kids! I hope everything works out with the jobs.

Barnes Blog said...

We will keep praying for that call too.
You kids are so stinkin cute! I love when they just fall asleep while playing. Nursery is great, but it does bring on it's own struggles. Calvy is not used to the "bullying" he gets in there sometimes, he's just a sensitive guy, but I'm sure little Cassie can hold her own.
Thanks for linking us, you will be put into our drawing, I think we'll draw around Christmas.
Thanks man, Love you lots!

Brant Nikolaus said...

I too could not wait for Ali to go to God thought it would be funny to put me in the nursery as a nursery leader. Now I get to deal with 12 screaming kids. I think the big man upstairs has a great sense of humor. So be careful about being too excited for her to go to nursery, you never know what might happen.

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