Friday, December 14, 2007

My new ambition in life to help my fellow Adoptive Couples

You know until you go through something that is a hard experience and you know you have to do it anyway it helps to know you have someone that has been there as well. Once we got our little precious Kassie it really got me anxious to help my other friends with trying to find their precious little baby. I am going to see if I can pass their information out as much as I tried to get mine out. This is for all the adoptive couples that has been on that scary roller coaster and just can't seem to get off. I am hoping to help them as my family helped me. To all of my family and friends that helped and still helping us off that roller coaster.

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Hanna said...

That's so great. I really hope they all get their little babies sooner than later! :)

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