Thursday, October 18, 2007

More bad nights ahead

I had my first real bad night. Devin was working a night shift and I was with Kassie all night. She was fussy and moaning and groaning. I felt really bad. So we took her to the Doctor and she said that she is collic. I am really sad. I still love her no matter what. I will just need a little help. She weighs 5lbs. 7 oz. She is still gaining so no worries there.


Nash said...

Ohhh, you have been lucky if you just had your first bad night. Don't worry it will get easier. On a side note: I didn't sleep all the way through the night until Vance was 9 months old. He often wakes up still but just once. Some kids are better than others, make sure she is full when she goes down.(not that it means she'll sleep through the night) I didn't have a collicky baby so I'm no help there. Can you use the drops to help her?

Jamie Lee said...

Bummer! Babies always have lil' surprises for you. Just remember it is OK to let her cry, so you can keep your sanity! And take your family & friends offers to help. Keep smiling, she is so sweet!!!

Hanna said...

Maybe some helpful tips??:

*Gripe Water
*Don't lay her down right after she eats. She may have some reflux causing her pain and keeping her upright will help keep things down.
*Exercise ball + bouncing + baby swaddling = possible solution.
*Sling or wrap-carrier really tightly and go for a walk.
*Soft music and low lights. Some people think "colic" is partially due to overstimulation.

Maybe that helps, maybe not - but I feel for you :( Sully was my toughest baby yet and there were some nights that I just had to hand him off to someone else and I would sit on my bed and cry. After a good cry I would always feel better and then hearing my baby's cries would re-motivate me to go try another round of soothing.

It will definitely pass *big hugs*

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