Thursday, September 13, 2007

The best day ever

Ainsley came home from pre-school and said she had the best day ever. I thought that was cute. Well yesterday we went into Boston and took the subway into the city. We did the aquariam and saw all the sea lions, pengiuns, and all the fishy's. We had a lot of fun. Then we ate at Faniel Hall and had some good food. By that time we were really tired and our feet started to hurt. Then we decided to do the Duck Tours. It took us all around Boston and in the water. We got to see all the historical buildings in Boston. Ashley, Jim and the Kids hung out at the Book store and had a snack while they waited for us to be done. And we still were not done yet. We walked the Newberry St. with all the nice and cool fashion stores. Then we were getting done to go home. Kids were so tired and hungry so were we. So we stopped for Italian on our way home. It truely was the best day ever.


5littlenordstroms said...

Sounds great! Would you just quit making me jealous. I wish I was having the best day ever, but mine has already started out rough. I guess it's up to me to change it. Have lots of extra fun for me. Love ya.

Tami G said...

Wow, I'm jealous too, I bet in all it was a lot of fun, hang on to the fun days and let the rest go, vacations are exhausting, probably more than anyone wants to admit.


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