Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yeah we were able to save our quad. Devin's baby.

We had our quad stolen on a Friday and found it a week from that Sunday after. It was in the field next to the church. We were happy going to church and the next thing I look over and saw the quad and said to Devin, Oh sh-- I think that is our quad. (I know, not the best spirit on your way to church) Devin ran home and called the cops to come check it out and see if it was our quad. Guess what! It was. Well of course in our great little town they don't do any finger printing so they just told us to pick it up and take it home. So the next day we took it to the shop and it only cost us $400 to fix it up. We were glad we just weren't in the hole 6 grand. So we were happy to have the quad back.


5littlenordstroms said...

Oh Man! I can't believe that in your little town someone would do that. I am glad you got it back though.

Hanna said...

That's crazy that you just saw it sitting there - and I had to laugh at your oh sh__ comment. The person who stole it was probably on their way to church too - I'll think we'll let the naughty language slide :) LOL

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